Bruins Network PSA - Things are going to get better

[Providence, RI] - The Boston Bruins were handed a disheartening defeat at the hands of the Toronto Maple Leafs last night despite outshooting them by a large margin. When losses like this happen to a young, injury-riddled team, it seems as though some fans always let their emotions get the best of them. My message to them?

Guys and girls, relax — temper the emotions a little bit.

Last night, along with some of the other loses this season, was an ugly game with no capitalization and horrendous power-play attempts. It wasn't exactly fun to watch, to say the least. 

However, while everyone seems to want to watch this team compete for a Cup right now, they just aren’t ready. It isn’t something you want rushed, by any means. Why sell valuable assets and young prospects to achieve a first, or second round win? Just stay the course, let the young players continue to develop and learn, then start to seriously contend in the next two years.

This current Bruins roster is missing McQuiad, Krejci, Backes & Spooner. That accumulation of injuries would be enough to decimate most teams across the entire NHL. Yet, they continue to stay afloat as they manage to get valuable points. That is a big-leap in the right direction for this Bruins team as compared to previous season. Despite losing all of their overtime games thus far on the season, they manage to get there one way or another. Earning a single point amidst this injury-riddled & inexperienced roster is very important. 

As far as the subject of trading and professional scouting goes, the only trades Sweeney should be looking at are the ones that benefit the present & future. A young, impact-player who can be slotted into the top-6 F or top-4 D. You can’t seriously want this team to start selling off pieces in the farm for that glorious Stanley Cup run you can’t achieve, can you?

Amongst the various complaints about the roster, I see the sarcastic Rask hate, and the serious Rask hate on twitter and online-discussion boards. If you watched Rask against Toronto and blame him for that loss you really need to go back and watch the Toronto games — very slowly, in a dark room while you think about your problems and blind anger towards a player. Take that dialogue and narrative to Felger & Mazz in the afternoon. Ask may not be playing his best hockey, but he is giving this team chance to win. He can't be expected to hold the opposition to one-goal in every starting appearance he has. The team as a whole needs to better, even him. To dismiss Rask as top-goalie in the NHL because the team isn't playing well is just silly. 

It’s a team effort. All of the forwards whom needed to score last night against Toronto, couldn’t score.

There are players in Providence who should probably get a look, and most-likely will. Cehlarik when healthy (as of today, he is back in the lineup for the P-Bruins) will be up in Boston soon after. I think JFK might provide a spark, but again, why rush a player like him into an injury-riddled lineup that isn’t playing well? Let him develop, don’t throw him into the fire. Albeit JFK is in a different boat than Cehlarik, as the latter is most definitely NHL-ready. However, let’s see what this team looks like when it’s fully healthy and not decimated first. Sweeney won’t be making deals or trades until he can assess what he has in front of him. You should be glad he’s sticking to his plan.

There is no need for panic, and there is certainly no need for most of the negativity that has encouraged major parts of the fanbase. This is the youth movement everyone wanted. With that youth comes learning curves and growing pains, but things are going to get better. 

Bottom-line in this PSA? There’s a great deal of passion in the Bruins fan-base, however, those emotions and expectations need to be tempered in order for many of you to evaluate & properly analyze.